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Freight Audit FedEx Rates for the Year 2017 Now is the perfect time to Freight Audit FedEx Rates as their Rates increase in January 2017 There is no better time than right now to start to Freight Audit FedEx Rates with Nessco’s Freight Auditing services! Why you ask? Well, industry analysts are baffled with FedEx’s recent announcement regarding their increased shipping rates […]

A FedEx Audit will prove to you that FedEx OWES YOU MONEY!! If you ship packages via FedEx, you MUST read this and request a FedEx Audit: News & Updates: “Money Back Guarantee” “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!” — Do you know why your shipping carrier offers you a money back guarantee? Do you know why you are […]

Shipping Refunds with Nessco Freight Auditing Services Nessco, based in Ocean, NJ, provides comprehensive Freight Auditing services for Freight & Shipping Refunds. Nessco is an industry leading freight audit firm that specializes in refunds recovery, parcel auditing, and customized reporting. While many audit companies claim to provide a thorough audit, they are likely just using software that provides subpar […]