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A FedEx Audit will prove to you that FedEx OWES YOU MONEY!!

If you ship packages via FedEx, you MUST read this and request a FedEx Audit:

News & Updates: “Money Back Guarantee”

“MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!” — Do you know why your shipping carrier offers you a money back guarantee? Do you know why you are actually entitled to such a clause in your contract? What is a FedEx Audit?

Nessco Freight Auditing specializes in performing a FedEx Audit. When you ship a package with a guaranteed delivery time, you are actually paying to ensure that it delivers on time! The cost for the guarantee is already included within your shipping charges. Think of it as a built-in insurance charge. Your shipping carrier is already charging you for a guaranteed delivery time, but why should YOU, the client, rely on their word as a guarantee – how can you feel secure with such a guarantee? Not because your carrier simply PROMISES to deliver on time. They too have to put their money where their mouth is!! So if it delivers late, you are entitled to your money back via the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Never forget – when you pay for a guaranteed delivery, you are paying for the guarantee and therefore entitled to your money back if it is late – otherwise, why are you being charged for a guaranteed shipment?!

Recently, unfortunately, we have been discovering that many customers are being asked to sign a new pricing agreement WITHOUT EVEN BEING TOLD by their carrier that a clause has been added without their consent to WAIVE their rights to a money-back-guarantee!!! This is unfair and will cost you money – money that you are entitled to, because you already pay money for guaranteed deliveries.

NESSCO is here to help! We not only provide services for auditing every shipment, every package, every tracking number, for a list of erroneous charges —– we also provide the free service of thoroughly reviewing your carrier’s pricing agreement to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money and also not inadvertently waiving your entitled rights, i.e. waiving the money back guarantee.

What can you do?

Contact NESSCO today and we will review your carrier’s pricing agreement before you sign it, to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible, and also not inadvertently waiving your entitled rights, i.e. waiving the money back guarantee.

If you are a FedEx customer, then Nessco will perform a FedEx Audit. If you are a UPS customer, then Nessco will perform a UPS Audit. Nessco specializes in all Freight Auditing services to make sure that you are not paying more than you are supposed to pay for your shipping and freight.

It’s your money – try out a FedEx Audit today!
Contact us: Just click here to begin!

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