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FedEx Holiday Calendar Changes for Peak 2016

In preparation for Peak 2016, please note the following FedEx Holiday Calendar changes. As the demand of a growing e-commerce segment increases, FedEx claims to be making these changes to help ensure management of shipment capacity and meet the service level you have come to expect. In actuality, FedEx is limiting your money-back guarantee due to their increase in volume and inability to meet the usual commit times as you expect throughout the year.

Contact Nessco Freight Auditing today to ensure that you are getting the most value from your FedEx shipping services and taking advantage of your money-back guarantee. Nessco Freight Auditing guarantees to reduce your overall FedEx shipping costs by auditing for parcel shipping refunds. These refunds are due to you for an extensive list of invoice errors and incorrect freight charges. Call us: 732-695-3230 x101 – you will only gain, never lose!

You can see how this FedEx Holiday Calendar differs this year in 2016 from last year 2015 by clicking here:

The below changes have been published July 1, 2016, FedEx Service Guide update, allowing more time for you to make adjustments to your Peak shipping plans.

Money-Back Guarantee

Service Change
Ship Date:  Nov. 28 – Dec. 18 Delivery Date: Dec. 19 – 24
FedEx Express No changes to the the money-back guarantee. Shipments are not eligible for the money-back guarantee if delivered by the end of the day on the published delivery commit date.
FedEx Ground The money-back guarantee will be completely suspended. The money-back guarantee will be completely suspended.

Transit Times

Service Change
Ship Date:  Dec. 19 – 20 Delivery Date:  Dec. 24
FedEx Express For shipments tendered on Dec. 19 and 20, add 1 day in transit to the the money-back guarantee for FedEx 2Day and FedEx Express Saver (3-day). 8:00 PM delivery commitment for the the money-back guarantee.
FedEx Ground No changes to the the money-back guarantee. No changes to the the money-back guarantee.


Christmas Eve (Saturday, December 24)

Service Change
FedEx Express 8:00 PM delivery commitment for residential deliveries; however, FedEx Hold at Location (HAL) is a viable delivery alternative.
FedEx Ground Non-business day for FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery.  No scheduled pickups or deliveries.

 FedEx Holiday Schedule

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