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FedEx Refunds

UPS & FedEx Refunds explained through Nessco’s Freight Auditing services.

  1. Service Failures for Air and Ground Shipments:

If a package was delivered late, even only by a minute, it qualifies for full UPS & FedEx refunds on that shipment. This is called a GSR, Guaranteed Service Refund, and is the most common reason for UPS & FedEx refunds.

  1. Non-Voided Airway Bills (Manifested But Never Shipped):

The package was entered into the carrier system and you were billed for it, but it never actually shipped. These are also known as “voids” and are very common with UPS shipments.

  1. Incorrect Residential vs. Commercial Surcharges:

The carrier charges you a residential fee when in fact it was shipped to a business. These charges are typical and although are small amounts, it can add up over the course of time. Charges generally range between a couple of dollars and close to thirty dollars, depending on the service type.

  1. Erroneous Delivery Area Surcharges:

Sometimes the carrier will charge you erroneous delivery area surcharges that shouldn’t apply based on the shipment details. Surcharges range between a couple of dollars and over ten dollars, depending on the service type.

  1. Incorrect Address Correction Fees:

Occasionally the carrier will charge you an address correction fee when in fact you had the correct address listed on the manifest. Address correction fees are over $12 per correction, which can definitely add up every month.

  1. Duplicate Invoicing and Airway Bills: 

A package may at times be billed more than once, so you are getting charged twice. For UPS invoices we can go back 6 months and recover money from duplicate charges.

  1. Incorrect Dimensional Weight Charges:

Many times the carrier will make a mistake on the dim weight calculation. They charge whatever is greater, the actual weight or the dim weight, and sometimes these weights are shown incorrectly, which in turn affects the rate of the package.

  1. Incorrect Saturday Delivery Charges:

You were billed for the Saturday delivery charge even though the carrier did NOT pick up or deliver the package on Saturday. In such a case, you deserve UPS & FedEx refunds!

  1. Correct Cost Structures:

We confirm that you are getting the promised rates on all your shipments and that the correct discounts stated in your contract are being applied. This factor for UPS & FedEx refunds works hand in hand with our contract negotiation service.

  1. Delivery Exceptions:

Very often we find that shipments are late, but the carrier decides not to credit the shipment for exceptions, such as ‘business closed’, when in fact we can prove the business was open. Many other freight auditing companies would just give up on obtaining UPS or FedEx refunds after being denied for such a reason, but we never give up if we know we are right.

If we’re not freight auditing every one of your shipping invoices to get the FedEx refunds and UPS refunds you deserve, then we’re BOTH losing money!

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