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FedEx UPS 2018 Pricing

FedEx UPS 2018 pricing and YOU!

If you’re looking for FedEx UPS 2018 Pricing then I’m going to keep this short and to the point:

Every year, 2018 not being an exception, FedEx and UPS raise their pricing base rates by 5%. Just because it’s a new year and costs go up. You work hard to negotiate with your carrier a pricing agreement that includes discounts, but with the base rate rising every year, your discounts are not as effective. You need to save on rising shipping costs.

What is the solution? Nessco’s Freight Auditing services. Your contract includes guarantees for refunds in certain scenarios that can lower your invoices by an average of 5%-15% depending on your shipping activity. Do not waive this guarantee! Do not let the opportunity to save money slip away!

Through a shipping audit you will save significantly regardless of base rate increases! We have a team of professionally trained freight audit specialists who use software and manual expertise to comb through all your tracking numbers, invoices, and accounts to make sure you are not overpaying FedEx or UPS for your shipping needs.

Call us today for a free consultation no obligation discussion about your options to save significant money this year on shipping costs.


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