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Freight Audit UPS Rates for the Year 2017

Now is the perfect time to Freight Audit UPS Rates as the Rates increase in 2017

Time to Freight Audit UPS Rates with Nessco’s Freight Auditing services! Why you ask? Well, effective December 26, 2016 (the impact of these changes will vary based on your shipping activity and terms of your UPS agreement), the published rates for UPS services will increase. Yes, again. New year, new increases. This supports the ongoing investments UPS continues to make in the speed, scope and coverage of their transportation network. While UPS continuously searches out opportunities for new efficiencies and implements them within their network, those efforts do not fully offset cost increases. To support ongoing expansion and capabilities enhancements, while striving to maintain the high service levels you expect, UPS claims they once again need to increase published rates in 2017.


Daily rates for UPS® Ground service will increase an average net 4.9%.

Daily rates for UPS Air and International services will increase an average net 4.9%.

The Additional Handling charge will be assessed for UPS Air and International packages with the longest side exceeding 48 inches, instead of 60 inches.

Click here to: View 2017 Selected Daily Rates Package Surcharge Changes

The 2017 UPS Rate and Service Guide will be available to download on December 26, 2016.

Additional rate changes including to Retail rates and UPS SurePost rates, and additional charges will be made available later this year. Additional information will be posted on November 18, 2016.

Air Freight

UPS Air Freight rates within and between the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, will increase an average net 4.9%.

Click here to: Download UPS Air Freight rates for shipments originating in the 48 contiguous states

Click here to: Download UPS Air Freight Surcharge Changes

Click here to: Download U.S. origin UPS Air Freight Premium Direct rates

UPS Freight

UPS Freight rates for shipments rated on the current UPS Freight 560 (US48), 525 (to and from Canada) and 570/571 (to and from Mexico) Tariffs will increase an average net 4.9% effective September 19, 2016. These rates will be available at beginning September 19, 2016.

What are you waiting for?! 

Don’t just accept the situation for what it is. With these new 2017 UPS Rates, it’s never too early to start preparing for the New Year and gain a competitive advantage. Nessco Freight Auditing is here to help!

Now that you know the 2017 UPS Rates, are you ready to freight audit UPS Rates? Don’t wait for 2017 – start saving money today!

Let’s get started


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