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You’re losing money on Freight Charges!!! Prepare to be SHOCKED to learn how much less you could be paying FedEx and UPS for shipping!!!

Found money! Stop Losing Money on Freight Charges!

Allow me to ‘paint a picture’ to explain how you are losing money just by paying you freight invoice charges in full every month:
Imagine for a moment that you found money just lying on the street (money with no signs of ownership, without any chance of finding the owner) – would you just leave the money there for someone else to pick up, or would you pick up the money? Would you just walk by and pass up a chance of enjoying some free cash with no strings attached? No way!
Let’s take this narrative a step further: What if it was YOUR money that had fallen out through a hole in YOUR own pocket? Wouldn’t you want to pick up YOUR OWN lost money? You would never just continue on walking without picking up your own money. What’s more – wouldn’t you want to STOP losing money and avoid a repeat occurrence?
Now — what if you DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE that you were losing money through that hole in your pocket, wouldn’t you want someone, ANYONE, to simply TELL YOU that you were losing money through a hole in your pocket? Wouldn’t you go straight to a professional tailor and fix that hole in your pocket so you immediately STOP losing money? These are all rhetorical questions, because NOBODY wants to lose money!
Enters your hero into this narrative: NESSCO!
Nessco’s Freight Auditing Services

Nessco CANNOT remain silent while witnessing FedEx and UPS customers constantly overpaying freight charges for shipping services!If Nessco isn’t freight auditing every one of your parcel shipping invoices to get you the maximum FedEx and UPS refunds that you deserve, then we’re BOTH losing money!

On average, we save our hundreds of clients around 10% off their shipping invoices. What are you waiting for?  |  732-695-3230  |