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Fuel Surcharge Rates

Fuel Surcharge Rates UPS & FedEx – Updated Monthly UPDATE: Effective February 6, 2017, the fuel surcharge rates for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments will be adjusted weekly. Previously, the surcharge was adjusted based on a monthly average.

Fuel surcharge rates for FedEx and UPS, in regards to Air/Express and Ground services, are some of the most costly and most frequently overlooked “off the radar” charges that may go completely unnoticed until you have already received your carrier invoice and have already executed your shipping plan. Knowing the fuel surcharge rates for FedEx and UPS in advance can help you make more informed and cost efficient decisions regarding your shipping logistics. Among the many factors that make up the complex nature of your FedEx and UPS contracts and determine your shipping costs from month to month, the fuel surcharge rates are constantly fluctuating and should be reviewed every month to better understand your shipping charges.

To help assist our clients, Nessco Freight Auditing will update this blog post every month with the current month’s fuel surcharge rates for FedEx and UPS Ground and Air services, so you can be educated with the knowledge and equipped with the resources in order to prepare yourself logistically for your shipping plans.

* * * Update: View the current Fuel Surcharge Rates for FedEx and UPS here: * * *

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