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Refunds for Late Deliveries from FedEx and UPS

Refunds for Late Deliveries from FedEx and UPS

Did you know that carriers, such as FedEx and UPS, offer a full refund for any package that has been delivered over 60 seconds late?

Yes – you read that correctly! Small parcel shipping carriers have been marketing and advertising a “Money Back Guarantee” policy for the last 15-20 years, promising full refunds for late deliveries from FedEx and UPS. Unfortunately, the process used to determine whether or not packages are refund-eligible is extremely inefficient.

Monitoring every shipment, auditing every invoice, and submitting requests for refunds is extremely cumbersome and time-consuming. Consequently, customers at best will only file refund requests for less than 1% of late deliveries, and will even then get denied a percentage of those requests for a number of exceptions that they are unaware about.

Nessco Freight Auditing provides a comprehensive full service refund solution without any upfront fees, requisite software, or interruption to company operations. Nessco tracks all shipments, audits every invoice thoroughly, both electronically and manually, monitors all shipping activity, and submits requests for refunds to the carrier for all late deliveries and erroneous charges.

Nessco does not get paid unless we earn you refunds! By using our services, you will be collecting “found money” that you never knew you deserved or even existed. Once we have successfully obtained refunds, we only invoice our clients a reasonable percentage of what has already been confirmed as obtained in refunds through our services from the shipping carrier.

Service Fees

This is how our servicing and pricing works:

  • We monitor, track, and audit every shipment on your behalf.
  • We contact FEDEX, UPS, and DHL and get the correct refund adjustments.
  • We invoice you only a percentage of your verified refunds.
  • Again – we do not get paid until you have received a credit from your carrier!

It is estimated that over a million packages are delivered late to their destinations, or even not at all, every day! This can translate to over $7,000,000 of unclaimed refunds each day!

Nessco Freight Auditing provides small package parcel audits on FedEx and UPS shipments. We track every shipment, audit every shipping charge, and process all refund claims directly with the carrier. Nessco has the innovative tools and years of experience to recover the highest possible rate of return to our clients. We are currently generating an average of 5-15% savings on every carrier invoice for our client base, resulting from our parcel audit services, and commonly collect refunds on a list of carrier failures. Our auditing services include:

  • Late delivery credits regarding air and ground shipments.
  • Packages without proof of delivery.
  • Non-voided airway bills (manifested but never shipped).
  • Residential deliveries confirmed and RD charges confirmed.
  • Delivery area surcharges audited.
  • Check correct cost structures; confirm promised rates on all shipments.
  • Address correction fees assessed for validation.
  • Duplicate invoicing and airway bills.
  • Weight accuracy.
  • Oversized adjustments, and much more…

Freight Auditing has a 15-day window to claim refunds for late deliveries from FedEx and UPS. With the 15-day limit to file claims, the carriers have essentially tied most shippers’ hands from obtaining refunds and adjustments. Call us today to sign up for our Freight Auditing services!

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