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Give us just 5 minutes – Nessco can save you a significant amount of spending with shipping auditing.

Do you ship with FedEx or UPS? Nessco Freight Auditing saves hundreds of shippers thousands of dollars every month through shipping auditing! It’s simple and easy. Nessco does all the work. Nessco audits your freight invoices. You just pay Nessco a percentage of the amount you save through shipping auditing. That’s it! If we don’t save you money, you pay us nothing for the shipping audit. You have nothing to lose and money to gain — Just give us 5 minutes of your time!

Simple. Easy. No obligations. No contracts.
Try us out, and just stop whenever you want!
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Check out our website for more info about our services, testimonials, and to find out why we are better than any other freight auditing company in the industry.
Freight Auditing will conduct a thorough shipping audit on each and every one of your parcel shipments, apply for shipping refunds, and confirm that you get the maximum FedEx refunds and UPS refunds you deserve for your parcel shipments. If your freight bills and parcel shipping invoices are not being audited by Nessco, then you are losing money. No other Freight Auditing company will get you more shipping refunds via a thorough electronic and manual freight audit than Nessco.

Need proof that we’re the best in the industry? No problem! Just give Nessco a call 732-695-3230 and we’ll even perform a second audit on an already audited invoice by any competitor to prove that we’re the best company in the freight auditing industry, and will get you the most refunds from your freight bill and shipping invoice!

Thanks for doing business with us.


Albert Mavorah
Nessco Freight Auditing
732-695-3230 X 102

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