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Shipping Refunds with Nessco Freight Auditing Services

Nessco, based in Ocean, NJ, provides comprehensive Freight Auditing services for Freight & Shipping Refunds. Nessco is an industry leading freight audit firm that specializes in refunds recovery, parcel auditing, and customized reporting. While many audit companies claim to provide a thorough audit, they are likely just using software that provides subpar results. Nessco is equipped with proprietary software designed to give clients clear insight and control over their corporate shipping behavior, and provides a true carrier agreement rate audit. This approach enables companies to save money and recover revenue in their shipping budget, while continually improving business performance. Nessco’s capability to customize management reporting services is unique in the industry. Our freight auditing services delivers highly efficient, bottom-line results to clients in the form of savings, shipping refunds, and process efficiency. We are “the company that works for you” – providing the integrity and customer service that our clients deserve and have come to expect every day.

Nessco’s Freight Auditing services will optimize your company’s receipt of shipping refunds, which will directly save you money on your shipping bills and get you the all the FedEx Refund and UPS Refund you deserve based on your contractual agreement with your carrier. We are a dedicated team of shipping audit specialists that go above and beyond when it comes to saving you money and earning shipping refunds. Note: shipping bills dated 15 days earlier are no longer eligible for a shipping refund! Both FedEx & UPS provide only a 15-day window to claim your shipping refunds. Nessco Freight Auditing is well equipped and staffed to conduct a thorough freight audit on every shipment, apply for shipping refunds, and confirm UPS and FedEx give you the refunds you deserve.

Nessco’s Specialties and Services:

Freight Auditing Services | Obtaining FedEx Refunds & UPS Refunds | Obtaining Freight & Shipping Refunds | Rate & Parcel Auditing | Reporting & Analytics

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  • Company Industry:

    Freight Auditing Services, Freight and Parcel Shipping Refunds, Rate Negotiations

  • Company Type:

    Privately Held – Nessco is a family business, built with pride, where every account is handled with great care.

  • Company Size:

    11-50 employees – every employee is well-trained and highly-skilled for exemplary performance to provide optimal results.

  • Company Origin:

    Founded in March of 2005 – Nessco has over a decade of experience and advancement in the industry.



Nessco audits every invoice for accuracy and correctness, and quickly files for eligible credits on your company’s behalf, saving you money, time, and effort. The visibility we provide of your transportation practices and the improved overall bottom line gives your company the ability to make well-informed decisions with confidence and clarity.



If Nessco is not auditing every one of your shipping invoices to get the FedEx refunds and UPS refunds you deserve, then we’re BOTH losing money!

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