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UPS Late Deliveries Refunds

UPS Late Deliveries Refunds – Breaking News

Atlanta-based UPS is paying more than $4 million to settle a whistleblower suit claiming that it falsified delivery records, which directly affect UPS Late Deliveries Refunds.

“As a result, UPS continues to be a supplier in good standing with these governments, their agencies, and we very much value our relationships with them,” spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said.

The company was accused of falsifying delivery records so that it wouldn’t have to give refunds.

In addition to the settlement, UPS has analyzed its employee training and systems to avoid issues like this from happening again.

“UPS is pleased that the matter has been concluded,” Rosenberg said.

Earlier this year, UPS paid more than $25 million to resolve charges it falsified delivery claims to the federal government for its overnight package service.

Hopefully moving forward there will no longer be a problem with companies receiving the UPS Late Deliveries Refunds that they deserve.

(This is an article about the practices that have effected UPS Late Deliveries Refunds – posted here.

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