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Nessco's dedicated freight auditing team of shipping audit specialists go above and beyond in order to save you money and earn shipping refunds via UPS & FedEx auditing.

Easy. Nessco does all the work.

There’s no effort on your part – with Nessco Freight Auditing, we perform the shipping audit while you just enjoy the savings. You only pay a percentage of the actual shipping refunds we help you receive.

Thorough. Nessco doesn't miss a thing.

Nessco's highly experienced shipping audit experts comb through every bill via freight auditing services to deliver maximum savings and shipping refunds.

Personal. Nessco audits manually.

In addition to performing an electronic shipping audit, Nessco manually freight audits each invoice to give our clients personal service and maximum shipping refunds.

Integrity. A trust that counts.

With a no commitment policy, Nessco's fees are entirely commission-based and directly depend on the success of our shipping audit process for shipping refunds.

Expert. Nessco has the experience.

Nessco has been auditing shipping bills since 2005 and has earned the pristine reputation as an expert in the shipping audit field.

Guaranteed. Never a loss for you.

Nessco guarantees a maximum shipping refund through their shipping audit services. If you're ever unsatisfied with our shipping audit services, just cancel anytime.

If Nessco isn't performing a thorough shipping audit on all your freight and shipping invoices, then we're BOTH losing money!

How does it work? What exactly is Freight Auditing? What services does Nessco provide to their clients?

To begin, you must realize that every FedEx & UPS parcel shipment comes with a money-back-guarantee which is backed with shipping refunds. If you send an overnight or ground shipment package and it is ultimately delivered later than promised by your carrier, even by only 60 seconds, then you are entitled and deserve a full shipping refund – 100% of your money back from FedEx and UPS – guaranteed through your carrier pricing agreement. So, if you ship a next day package scheduled to deliver by 3:00 PM the following day, but this shipment is actually not delivered before 3:01 PM, then you are absolutely entitled to a FULL REFUND of your shipping charges via your carrier agreement with FedEx and UPS! This is a service guarantee that applies to all Ground, International, and Air packages, as per your agreement with your carrier.

This all sounds great in theory! But… why haven’t you ever received such 'shipping refunds' from your carrier, especially if many studies can prove that a significant percent (around 10%) of packages are delivered late every month? Where's your refunds?!

Allow Nessco to shed some light on this issue: The reason you have never seen these shipping refunds is because even though delivering a package late breaks the FedEx and UPS money back guarantee, carriers will not give you the shipping refunds you deserve unless you are properly auditing your shipment invoices and filing claims. Auditing for late parcel shipments is actually a very difficult and time-consuming process, not to mention the difficulty involved in successfully contacting the carrier and ensuring that a refund is actually issued for the shipment and charges deducted from your account. Most of our customers simply do not have the time, personnel, or resources necessary to track all their shipments, perform a thorough and comprehensive freight audit on their shipping activity, and file their own claims for shipping refunds with FedEx and UPS. A client would literally have to manually track and audit 90 “good” shipments just to find the 10 shipments that are “late” and eligible for a refund within the extensive list of guidelines that are only visible through a comprehensive freight audit. It doesn't stop there: The client would then need to call FedEx or UPS, spend several minutes on the phone with a customer service representative, and go through the auditing process and necessary steps to file for a shipping refund. Many times a claim for a refund will simply be rejected due to one of the many exceptions that most are unaware even exist, and many times have difficulty understanding.

What?! I'm so confused - I want my refunds!

Don't worry – Nessco Freight Auditing is here to provide the ultimate auditing solution!

Shipment auditing services is Nessco’s specialty! Nessco's highly-skilled team of auditors, manually and with use of Nessco's proprietary software, tracks and audits every single package that has been issued a charge on your shipping invoice, and if any reason should arise to dispute any charge on the invoice, i.e. if it was delivered late, then Nessco' auditing team will dispute it and make sure the carrier places your cash back into your account in the form of a shipping refund.

A late shipments is only one example of many situations that can provide you with a shipping refund that can you deserve. Nessco Freight Auditing also audits every one of your shipments for refunds that you can deserve in many other situations, such as: mistaken charges for address corrections, mistaken charges for residential surcharges, etc. (See our blog posts and website for more information).

What does Nessco Freight Auditing need from their clients in order to perform a parcel shipping audit? Just the ability to view and download their weekly invoices from their carrier’s website. We first make sure that every client is properly signed up for online billing with their carrier, so that we meet the carriers’ parameters for requesting changes to invoices. Online billing is a free feature offered by the carrier.


Great Question – there’s no setup fees, no monthly service fees, and no cancellation fees!

You will only ever be charged a percentage after you receive a shipping refund that has been obtained through our freight auditing services. Our fee is generally 50% of the total amount of refunds. 100% of all shipping refunds are credited directly to you through your FedEx and UPS account. We will then invoice you for our fee at the end of each month based on the amount of refunds we were able to retrieve for you. You will only have to pay us after the shipping refunds have already been credited to your account with FedEx or UPS. There is no long-term obligation to continue using our freight auditing services. Nessco works for you on a month-to-month basis, so if you are not completely satisfied with our freight auditing services for whatever reason, you can cancel anytime and we go our separate ways.

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